Report of HAAG family reunion
19 august 2006


We have the pleasure to welcome Josephine, Mary, Lou-Ann and Cathie for the first time in Switzerland
and we spent with them a very nice, relaxing evening at the place, where their grand-parents had the wedding reception, in the restaurant Kreuz / Cross in Warth.

Shield of the family HAAG


Vinyeard of Warth with church

Program of the HAAG reunion at Warth

  • 10.00 Arrival of the guests with coffee break in the restaurant ‘Kreuz’ (Cross) where Joseph & Bertha had their wedding reception.
  • 11.00 guided sightseeing tour through the village, to the church and the family house of our ascendents.
  • 12.00 Great meeting with lunch in the gymnasium at Warth - cultivating the relationships and discussing the family tree.
  • Special of the day: typical ‘Thurgauer Menu’ with the local carthusian wine.
  • Entertainement: music happenings, reminiscenses (humorous) aso. are appreciated.

Restaurant Kreuz in Warth  -  from left: Lou-Ann - Josephine - Felix -
Mary and Cathie - all ok after the 1st dinner in Switzerland !

Organization by:


Eugen *1940

Paulus *1942


Noldi *1943

Walking to the church
of Warth

Guiding by Eugen - in the vineyard
the famous monastery Kartause (at left)

Hannes *1950

Guiding by Eugen - childrens coaching
by Elisabeth Geiges !

Explanations and history by Eugen

The famous church of Warth, which was built after a sitting strike of the women.
Most ascendents of the Haag’s were christened in this church, held their wedding ceremony here and finally their funeral was held there about 200 years.

Concert of Aurelia (recorder & violin) - my daughter - and Angelus Hux (organ) -
nomen est omen -
Thank you very much !

Descendents of Johann HAAG *1826 and
Anna Maria Hagenbüchi *1831

Descendents of
Marie Haag *1862

from left:

Hannes & Elisabeth Geiges,
Franziska & Urs
Altorfer-Geiges (Hannes)
with children Jana and Lena
Magda Geiges
Felix Meienberg

Descendents of
Johann Haag *1863

from left:

Ursula Haag-Egger (Eugen)
Benjamin Märklin (Aurelia)
Judith Haag (Eugen)
Hidden: Verena
Haag-Hubmann (Paulus)
Aurelia (Paulus)
Lea (Hannes)
Dominic (Paulus)
Karin (Hannes)
Hannes & Claudia Haag-Zanforlin
Paulus Haag

Descendents of
Joseph / Pop Haag *1867

from left:

Eugene Haag,
Sylvia Privette-Haag,
Monica Hobbs-Haag,
Mary Smith-Cochems (Paulina Haag)
Josephine Crosier-Cochems (Paulina Haag)
Cathie Crosier-Abramowitz (Josephine Crosier-Cochems),
Lou-Ann Crosier-Hartwell
(Josephine Crosier-Cochems)

Descendents of
Ferdinand Haag *1870

from left:

Hans & Irene Wiederkehr-Bühler,
Dylan Wohler (Suzanna),
Suzanna Wiederkehr,
Thomas Wiederkehr,
Andreas Wiederkehr (Thomas)
Rita Wiederkehr-Odermatt (Thomas),
Wiederkehr-Schulthess Yvonne (Andreas)

Descendents of
Eugen Haag *1871

from left:

Karin Haag-Pleisch (Markus)
with children
Simona, Renato and Jasmin,
Elli Haag-Bonkowske (Georg),
Eugen & Gaby Haag-Krieg,
Franz Haag,
Markus Haag,
Martin & Monika
Hegner-Wicki (Bethli Haag)

Further descendents HAAG - ‘discovered’

Descendents of
Florian Haag
* approx. 1764

from left:

Bruno & Rita Haag-Keller
living in Warth !

Oskar Haag - his grand-father went with Joseph to America.

Rolf & Maya Allenspach-Haag
with daughters
Jasmin and Livia

Guiding by eugen - explaining the history of the most famous buildings and persons of Warth and the Haag’s

The house of Johann & Anna-Maria
Haag-Hagenbüchi and their children
Marie - Johann - Joseph -
Ferdinand und Eugen

The special bread for our reunion presented by Mary Smith-Cochems and Verena Haag-Hubmann in the Thurgau ‘working’ costume.

All happy at the particular local ‘Thurgau’ menue  - 
all found a place an a plate  -
served by the young ‘Frauenfeld’ people  -  thank you !

Simona - 2 years - and Karin Haag-Pleisch (Markus - Lucerne)
are happy after the good Thurgovian lunch
a compliment to the kitchen !

After the great reunion of the HAAG family
we visited the Rheinfall and Stein am Rhein

Josephine Crosier-Cochems
climbed also with 81
the stairs down and
up like a ‘chamois in the alps’ !

The keen american people Josephine, Mary, Lou-Ann and Cathi  -  Gene, Sylvia and Monica
take the boat for climbing on the Swiss rock in the middle of the Rheinfall !

Stein am Rhein we say by by
to Eugene, Sylvia and Monica - they leave us tomorrow to continue their Swiss trip.

Dear Josephine, Mary, Lou-Ann and Cathie  -
Gene, Sylvia and Monica
 Thank you for visiting us  - 
we had a great pleasure to meet you on ou family reunion !

- - - -